Our story

Autofoto is an operation that has grown out of longstanding friendships and a shared obsession for analogue photobooths.

The story begins in 2009 when Barcelona-born, London-based Rafael Hortala Vallve bought his first booth for the wedding of his friend and fellow photography enthusiast, Txema, in Barcelona. After missing the boat, the 1960s machine ended up being shipped to London to a kind friend who offered to store it for him. However, as time went by the photobooth was in need of a permanent home.

Eager to put the machine back into public use, Rafael found a long-term spot for it at Shoreditch restaurant Pizza East where diners could use it to create happy memories of their nights out. A second booth was purchased for spare parts and soon more followed as other venue owners asked to host the booths in their bars and restaurants. To help service the machines, Rafael enlisted the help of his photographer friend David Boulogne and the pair were later joined by artist and fellow photobooth obsessive Marco Ferrari. Together the trio are constantly striving to improve the quality of the photographs that each machine produces.

In 2018 Autofoto set up a workshop & studio in East London. They were joined by Corinne Quin who designed the space and now curates events and creative collaborations around the photobooth. Through patience, ever expanding electrical and mechanical knowledge, and great attention to detail, they hope to ensure that the booths continue to capture these spontaneous and beautiful portraits for years to come.

Rafael Hortala Vallve
David Boulogne
Marco Ferrari
Corinne Quin